Degree Seeking Students

Prerequisite requirements for degree seeking students vary according to degree level. Certificate applicants are required to have a high school diploma or have completed the General Educational Development (GED) test. Applicants for a master’s level program must have an earned bachelor’s degree from an approved school. However, certificates may be earned without an undergraduate degree. Applicants to the doctoral programs must have a master’s degree from an approved school. Additionally, more specific prerequisites may apply to individual programs. Applicants should refer to the degree listings in the catalog for further information. All applications are reviewed by the Vice President. The Vice President evaluates schools to determine acceptability of prerequisite degrees and transfer credits.

As many as 10 percent (10%) of the students in master’s level degree programs may be admitted without possession of the baccalaureate degree or its equivalent, provided the applicant can demonstrate by some objective means that he or she possesses the knowledge, academic skill, and ability generally associated with persons who hold the baccalaureate degree. Admission of such students is restricted to persons with life experience that has prepared them for theological study at the graduate level. The decisions will be made by the President or Vice President.

A limited number of students may be admitted to courses as audit students.

Individuals who apply and are accepted to BTS, but who do not take any courses in a year, must re-apply to BTS. Applications will be kept on file for two years.

Students sometimes find the need to take a break in completing courses due to personal or professional matters. If a student returns to complete a degree with BTS, and has not taken classes in a two year period, the student may return to the seminary but must submit an updated application, new references are not required. In addition, the student must comply with the degree requirements under the current catalog at the time of returning to seminary.

Students who have been awarded the BTS Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree may continue their studies in pursuit of a “higher” Masters degree, such as a Master of Divinity degree. Because academic credit may not be applied toward two different degrees, the student, upon earning the “higher” degree, forfeits the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree and all rights associated with that degree.

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