Grade Point Averages (GPA)


Quality points will be computed for each course by multiplying the number of quality points designated for a grade, by the number of course hours. For example, the student takes a two-hour course and receives a “B,” which equals 3 quality points for each hour. Since it was a 2 hour course, this equals 6 quality points.

In a given semester, if the student takes 4 two-hour courses and receives an “A” grade on one, a “B” on the next, a “C” on the third, and a “D” on the fourth, this would equate to 8 quality points on the first, 6 quality points on the second, 4 quality points on the third and 2 quality points on the fourth. The hours taken total 8, the quality points total 20. Dividing the 20 quality points by the 8 hours, the average quality points for the semester is 2.5.

All Seminary students are required to maintain an overall cumulative grade point of 2.0. At the end of any semester, a student whose overall average is below “C” will be placed on academic probation. If, after the next semester, the student has not raised the average to at least “C,” the student will be dismissed for academic reasons.