Incomplete Grades


Incomplete assignments and grades should always be the exception and not the rule. Should a student find it impossible to complete work on time, the professor should be the first to know. The professor is required to report a grade of an “I” (Incomplete) to the seminary office within two weeks of the end of the semester. The student has six weeks from the semester’s end to have the professor change the incomplete grade to a final grade. If no final grade is received in the seminary office by the six-week deadline, a failing grade will be posted to the official transcript. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure course work is to the professor in time to submit a grade within the six week period.

All course materials must be submitted to the respective professors at the end of the semester (last day of classes). Thereafter, course materials may be submitted for up to six (6) weeks after the end of the semester directly to the offices of the Registrar with the permission of the professor. If a student submits course materials after the end of the semester but within the six (6) weeks grace period, the student’s final course grade will be lowered by one letter grade. The course materials will not be accepted after the six (6) week grace period and a failing grade will be posted to the student’s transcript.