Official Transcripts


In order to validate program prerequisites and transfer credits (if applicable), official transcripts are required within 30 days of application. Copies or student-issued transcripts may be used during the enrollment process for preliminary evaluation; however, they are not considered official.

To be considered official, transcripts must be sent to BTS via one of the methods:

  • The educational institution sends the official transcript directly to BTS via postal mail, or
  • The educational institution sends the official transcript to the student in a sealed envelope, and the student sends the sealed envelope to BTS. (If the seal is broken before arriving at BTS, the transcript will not be considered official.)

Students who fail to ensure that all official transcripts have been submitted to BTS: (1) may not be admitted to a particular BTS degree program or be allowed to continue in the program, (2) will not be permitted to graduate until they have ensured that BTS has received all of the required official transcripts.

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