Registration Procedures


Approximately, two months prior to the beginning of each semester, the schedule is posted on the BTS web site. One month prior to the beginning of each semester, the semester’s course schedule and registration form will be published in the BTS Newsletter. The BTS Newsletter is mailed and e-mailed to all students and BTS alumni. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged to ensure materials are available the first night of class. Students may complete a registration form and return it via mail, email, fax, or in person with a live signature not typed. BTS accepts cash, checks and most credit cards. To avoid late charges, fees must be received in the BTS office no later than the first day of class. Students must register before attending class. No student may register for a class after the second week of the semester. Late fees will apply after the first week of the semester. Students may register for a distance education course during Seminary office hours at any time or online by clicking here.