Transfer Students

Students who wish to transfer from other graduate institutions should apply for admission in the usual way, submitting with their application and required admission documents a completed transcript of their graduate work. A request for transfer credit should be accompanied by a catalog containing the course descriptions from the previous institution. The credits must be of a comparable graduate level and the courses must apply to the BTS curriculum.

Credit for work completed in other institutions may be granted after evaluation by BTS. No credit will be given for work receiving less than a “C” or its equivalent. Grade point averages will only be determined by work completed at Birmingham Theological Seminary.

Transfer credit will be given the grade of “TR”. Students are required to pay a posting fee of $30 per transfer credit hour. Bachelor/undergraduate courses cannot be transferred as graduate courses. Credits are not given for “Life” or ministry experience. Course work completed to earn a Bachelors or Masters Degree cannot be used toward earning another degree. Core courses in the various degree programs at BTS (equivalent courses at other institutions will be considered on a case by case basis) need not be repeated to pursue another degree. Only professional components of the additional degree must be completed. Some additional work may be required.

Transfer students must complete at least one-third of the hours required for any degree program at Birmingham Theological Seminary. Transfer students may be required to take more than the minimum requirements for graduation because courses taken elsewhere may not be equivalent to those in the BTS curriculum and all courses are transferred at the rate of two (2) credit hours per course.

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