Withdrawal Policy


Students need to be aware that the seminary’s financial commitment to the faculty is based upon class size. It is therefore extremely important for students to understand the withdrawal policy. If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from a class, he/she must submit a withdrawal request form to the registrar. Forms are available in the seminary office or on by clicking here. If the student simply discontinues attending class after the first week of class or anytime thereafter without submitting a withdrawal request form, the student will be liable for the entire tuition charge for the class and will receive a failing grade for the course. Upon submission of the form, the student will be responsible for tuition in accordance with the policy stated below.

Students withdrawing from courses will receive a 50% financial tuition credit within the first two weeks of the beginning of the semester, for use in future semesters. There will be no financial credits issued after the second week of class.

If a refund is desired, it must be requested in writing by the student; otherwise, any paid tuition will be credited to future courses.

A course may be dropped without penalty through the first two weeks of any regular semester. Unauthorized withdrawal will cause the student to receive a failing grade in the course. Authorized withdrawal later than two weeks will be listed on the student transcript as W (withdrawn).

A course may be changed from Credit to Audit at any time through the end of the second week of the semester. No credit of tuition or refund will be made in the event of such a change. An audit student may change from audit to credit by submitting an approving statement signed by the professor of the course and paying the increased tuition.