Degrees Offered


In addition to the Master of Divinity degree, BTS offers the following Master’s degree programs: Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Ministry, Biblical Counseling, Biblical Conflict Resolution and Missions/Inter-Cultural Studies. The Master of Arts in Ministry degree program has three areas of focus to choose from: Christian Education, Christian Leadership and Pastoral Leadership.  BTS also has a Certificate track that includes Apologetics, Biblical Counseling, Biblical Studies, Ministry, and Biblical Conflict Resolution.  BTS has a Doctor of Ministry program in Pastoral Leadership and another one in Biblical Counseling.  The Certificate of Biblical Counseling is for those desiring the counseling training without the full complement of courses.  The Certificate of Ministry offers students a basic theological and practical ministry foundation that will be helpful as they seek to serve in the Kingdom community. The Certificate programs are primarily designed for those students that have not obtained an undergraduate degree. Details of these programs are supplied in the catalog.

The Seminary also offers an online Certificate in Christian Ministry (CCM) to non-U.S. residents only via the internet. Non-U.S. residents may take courses in the Certificate in Christian Ministry curriculum for academic credit and will, upon satisfactory completion of all required courses, earn a Certificate in Christian Ministry from BTS. The specific requirements for each course are set forth in the syllabus for that course. Academic credits earned in this Certificate in Christian Ministry program may not be transferred to or applied to any other certificate or degree offered by BTS. BTS does not charge fees or tuition for this certificate program.

U.S. residents (regardless of citizenship or immigration status) may not take CCM courses for academic credit at BTS or earn the BTS Certificate in Christian Ministry. However, U.S. residents may and are encouraged to view the courses, download the readings and take the quizzes and exams for their own edification.