Fees and Tuition


The charges listed below are current as of the date of their original publication; however, they are subject to later changes as deemed proper by the Seminary.

Application Fee (Masters) – To be paid once at time of application $30
Application Fee (Doctoral) – To be paid once at time of application $200
Late Registration Fee – Applied to accounts not fully paid by the first day of class $25 per course

Tuition Charges (Masters):
Credit $100/Class Hr.
Non-Credit (Audit) $40/Class Hr.

Tuition Charges (Doctoral):
Credit $200/Class Hr.

Transfer Fee $30/Class Hr.
Extension Fee – An extension fee of $50 for a one month extension if requested past the four (4) month allotment to complete a distance education course $50/month
Distance Education courses (Audio or Video) are charged at the same per hour rate as lecture courses, have the same credit, and the fee must be fully paid before materials will be given to the student. Additional materials fees apply.

NOTE: Course grades, degrees, and transcripts will not be issued until financial and any other obligations (including Library fines) of the student are met. No student may enroll for a class until all financial obligations from previous semester are paid.