MA in Biblical Theology

Biblical Theology Distance Program
BTS/Third Millenium Partnership Degree

BTS and Third Millenium operate on a shared vision that quality, seminary-level theological education should be offered as broadly as possible, equipping Christians for ministry in the local church and their surrounding communities. Degrees should be offered for as low-cost as possible (if not for free). Seminary education should be challenging and should be extended to as many people that need advanced training as to whom it can be brought. In partnership with Third Millenium, BTS is excited to offer our new distance-only Master of Arts in Biblical Theology program. Using Third Millenium video curriculum, and cohorts led by BTS professors via video-conferencing technology, BTS is able to offer a fully developed professional 62-hour degree program that maintains our high standards for graduate studies and is flexible, scalable, and personal all at the same time. This program focuses on Biblical Theology and has an ordination option to roll into a specially constructed Masters of Divinity program (with transfer from MA in Biblical Theology before completion).

Director: Brandon Robbins

Delivery System:

The program is delivered using Dropbox and Canvas LMS online platforms and Go-To-Training video conference technology. Cohorts are capped at 10 students. Each semester, cohorts receive a different cohort leader with specialization in that semester’s learning center. Assessments range from traditional to learner-determined outcomes, including capstone projects. 


New cohorts launch every September and January. The program is tri-semester (Fall/Spring/Summer). 

There are two critical path options: 

  • 2-year full-time pathway
  • 4-year part-time pathway

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