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A number of courses offered at BTS are available via USB, CD-Rom, Dropbox or DVD for the student who is not able to attend a course in a live setting. Students may enroll in a Distance Education (DE) course at any time, one course at a time. There is a separate form to be completed to enroll in a DE course, available in the Seminary office or online. Students are responsible for purchasing textbook(s). Four months is the maximum time allowed for completion of a DE course; however, these four months do not have to correspond with a seminary semester. To obtain a distance education course, please contact the seminary administrative assistant at 205-776-5356 or by email.

The student is expected to spend the same amount of time that he/she would if they were taking a scheduled class. If a student exceeds the four month allotted time frame, a request for a one-time extension must be applied for with a fee of $50.00. The extension is for one month. The required extension forms are available on the BTS website or in the Seminary office. If the course is not completed in this time frame it will result in a failing grade, the student must then re-enroll and re-pay the course tuition.

In order to receive exams, a student must select a proctor to request and oversee the administration of the examination. A proctor may be the student’s pastor, an elder, deacon, etc. He or she may not be the student’s spouse or other family member. Please have the proctor contact the seminary office for the proctor form and request each examination when ready. This may be done via mail, fax, or e-mail.

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