Course Rotation

To aid students with planning out the completion of their degree program, BTS has developed a course rotation schedule. This schedule is a guide as to when particular courses will be offered so that students may plan.

The “odd” or “even” out to the side of the course indicates what year the course is covered. Those with no indication are offered every year during the particular semester.


AP8521 Apologetics

BC7501 Introduction to Biblical Counseling

BC7502 Counseling in the Local Church I

NT2022 New Testament I

OT1021 Old Testament I

PT5527 Communications I

PT5621 Conflict Resolution in the Church

PT5637 Personal Evangelism

PT5710 Discipleship

PT5722 Expository Preaching I/PT5523 Ministry of the Word I

PT7802 Clinical Research Development

ST3526 Systematic Theology I

AP8505 Introduction to Philosophy-odd

HT4641 Church History in America-odd

ST3525 Introduction to Reformed Theology-odd

ST3529 Systematic Theology IV-odd

HT4742 Baptist Church History-odd

OT1511 Beginning Hebrew I-odd

PT5542 Historical & Philosophical Foundations of Christian Education-odd

PT5626 Ministry to Children, Youth & Families-odd

PT5733 Leadership Development & Deployment-odd

PT5739 Principles of Church Growth-odd

AP8531 World Religions-even

AP8611 Advanced Apologetics I-even

BC7606 Using the Bible in Counseling-even

BC7622 Biblical Approach to Addictions-even

BC7630 Marriage & Family Counseling-even

HT4528 Early & Medieval Church History-even

HT4654 Westminster Confession of Faith-even

NT2011 Beginning Greek I-even

PT5631 Theology and Practice of Administration-even

PT5712 Pedagogy in Christian Education-even

ST3530 Systematic Theology V-even


BC7505 Advanced Biblical Counseling

BC7755 Counseling in the Local Church II

NT2023 New Testament II

NT        New Testament Book Study

OT1022 Old Testament II

PT5531 Christian Worker’s Personal Life & Spiritual Formation

PT5637 Personal Evangelism

PT5723 Advanced Expository Preaching/PT5524 Ministry of the Word II

PT5800 Church Revitalization

PT7803/PT7804 Clinical Writing Project/Final Project (4 hours)

ST3511 Survey of Systematic Theology

ST3527 Systematic Theology II

ST3550 Bible Interpretation

AP8553 Christianity and Competing Worldviews

AP8645 God, Ethics & Society-odd

AP8661 Christianity & Contemporary Culture-odd

BC7617 Biblical Counseling and the Law-odd

BC7775 Counseling Case Studies-odd

HT4743 Presbyterian Church History-odd

NT2012 Beginning Greek II-odd

PT5602 Biblical Principles of Christian Education-odd

PT5756 Spiritual Conflict-odd

MS6652 Techniques of Church Planting-odd

AP8525 Apologetics & the Bible-even

AP8532 Contemporary Cults-even

AP8711 Christianity & Science OR AP8791 Special Topics in Apologetics-even

BC7624 Readings in Biblical Counseling-even

BC7632 Advanced Marriage and Family-even

BC7735 Group Dynamics-even

HT4721 Reformation & Modern Church History-even

OT1512 Beginning Hebrew II-even

MS6631 Biblical Theology of Missions-even

MS6710 Development of the Local Church Missions Program-even

PT5641 Curriculum Review and Development-even


OT1023 Old Testament III

OT1526 Old Testament History & Theology

ST3528 Systematic Theology III

NT       New Testament Book Study

NT2525 New Testament History and Theology

AP8510 Logic & Critical Thinking I-odd

AP8625 Apologetics & Personal Evangelism-odd

BC7623 Understanding and Evaluating Professional Literature-odd

BC7631 Pre-Marriage Counseling-odd

NT2521 Advanced Greek-odd

PT5673 Ministry of Teaching-odd

PT5750 Public Worship and Music-odd

ST3530 Systematic Theology V-odd

ST3535 Covenant Theology-odd

AP8725 Apologetic Methodology-even

AP8791 Special Topics in Apologetics-even

BC7509 Counseling Theory-even

BC7668 Crisis Counseling-even

MS6659 Intercultural Communication & Ministry-even

OT1623 Advanced Hebrew-even

ST3531 Systematic Theology VI-even

ST3655 Ethics-even

ST3744 Contemporary Theology-even


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