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Do you want to be trained to respond relationally, biblically, and immediately to those you see around you in need? Do you want to train for ministry where you are? Do you want to be challenged to grow deeper theologically? Are you concerned about the cost of seminary education? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, Birmingham Theological Seminary’s new Master of Arts in Biblical Theology may be just right for you. 

This part-time, four-year program is being offered in partnership with our friends at Third Millennium Ministries. Our program is designed to integrate courses, maximize video conference opportunities with Pastor/Scholars, and to apply deep reformed biblical studies with a ministry focus. The cost is a fraction of the national average per credit hour, allowing students to learn without worrying about debt and to passionately pursue the calling God has laid on their lives. Click the “More Information” button below to find out more, or “Start Your Journey” to talk to a BTS representative! The next cohort launches on June 1!

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Biblical Theology Distance Program

BTS/ThirdMill Partnership Degree

Vision: To provide affordable, quality reformed seminary education to learners everywhere. 

In partnership with Third Millennium, BTS is excited to offer our new distance-only Master of Arts in Biblical Theology program. Using ThirdMill video curriculum and cohorts led by BTS professors via video-conferencing technology, BTS is able to offer a fully developed academic 62-hour degree program that maintains our high standards for graduate studies and is flexible, scalable, and personal all at the same time. This program focuses on Biblical Theology. There is an ordination option to extend the program by pairing it with a Certificate in Pastoral Studies (30 hours) for Master of Divinity equivalence. This program is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR DISTANCE STUDENTS in the MABT!

[NOTE: Certificate of Pastoral Studies can be pursued concurrently or successively.]

  • People who are second-career learners
  • Aleady active in ministry 
  • Want to remain engaged in local ministry.
  • Desire an affordable degree
  • Need flexible course scheduling
  • Want to learn with a community
  • Want a real challenge
  • Cost: $100 per credit hour/66 hour degree program
  • Total tuition: $6600 
  • Low semester-based technology fees

*Unless noted otherwise, majority content per semester produced by ThirdMill.

Year One:

Semester one: Introduction to Theological Studies/Hermeneutics (BTS) (6 hours)

Semester two: Biblical-Theological Studies (4 hours)

Semester three: New Testament Theological Studies (4 hours)

Year Two:

Semester four: Introduction to Systematic Theology (4 hours)

Semester five: New Testament Survey Studies (6 hours)

Semester six: Old Testament Survey Studies (4 hours)

Year Three:

Semester seven: Church History/Systematic Theology (6 hours)

Semester eight: Church History/Old Testament Survey (6 hours)

Semester nine: New Testament Survey Studies (4 hours)

Year Four:

Semester ten: Applied Theology (BTS) (6 hours)

Semester eleven: Public Theology (BTS) (6 hours)

Semester twelve: Practical Theology (BTS) Capstone Project

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