Please Welcome New BTS President, Ike Reeder!

Greetings! As the new President of Birmingham Theological Seminary, it is an honor to address you for the first time in our summer newsletter. My name is Ike Reeder and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to lead BTS forward into the future. How exciting it is to join the amazing team that has been built at BTS over the years. I’m grateful for our current team and all the faithful servants that have gone before!

I am happy to report that BTS is, after over 45 years of existence, on mission and on message—providing quality theological education for all types of students from all places and building kingdom capital to see the life changing work of the gospel move from Birmingham, AL and throughout the world.

What is that mission and message? I can’t wait to share it with you. First, BTS is committed to serving both traditional and non-traditional students. We believe that theological education should be open to all. It should cross social, economic, ethnic, and cultural lines. Let’s put people from all different walks of life and life stations in classrooms together so we can learn from one another. Second, BTS is committed to creating pathways to success. There are plenty of gates and hurdles in academics. We are committed to helping students navigate those hurdles and find the best pathway to their success as a learner and as a leader. Third, we are committed to providing affordable theological education. We are so grateful for our donor and church partners and the oversight and support we receive from Briarwood Presbyterian Church that allows us to keep the students from bearing the brunt of their learning cost. Fourth, we are committed to operating with agility. We want to meet the needs of our students quickly and leverage our assets to respond well to student needs. Finally, we are committed to clarity in our offerings with multiple clear pathways to success.

No matter where you are, who you are, or what your calling is—we believe we can help you achieve success.

Above all else, we are committed to a robust study of the gospel of Jesus Christ—not because of our own enhancement, but to be equipped to take the gospel to our neighbor and the nations. BTS is a mustard seed that we believe God will continue to grow and expand far beyond what the world could predict, so that all who see us will see God, know His Son, Jesus Christ, and have a heart filled with the Holy Spirit. I’m passionate about leading us forward in this vision. I hope you’ll join us!

Harry Reeder IV (Ike) comes to Birmingham Theological Seminary after having served with Covenant College as the Director of Church Relations since 2014. He graduated from Covenant College after spending time studying at Oxford University, and holds a Master’s degree in Literature from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Ike has lived from Alabama to Austria, England to North Carolina, and Tennessee to Alaska. He played soccer in college and on the semi-pro level for the Charlotte Eagles. He is currently completing his M.A. in Theological Studies with Reformed Theological Seminary. Ike is married to Angie and has two stepchildren, Win and Virginia. Ike would love to meet you. We hope you plan to stop by and meet him.

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