Presbyterian Learning Certificate

Presbyterian Learning Certificate

Learn the Basics of Presbyterian Theology and Polity

Birmingham Theological Seminary is excited to offer our new Presbyterian Learning Certificate (PLC)!

This program is design to provide training for learners everywhere who are interested in growing in their knowledge of fundamental presbyterian theology and polity. This programs consists of four classes:

  • Westminster Confession of Faith (and Standards)
  • Presbyterian Church Polity
  • Old Testament or New Testament Theology (Introduction to Covenant Theology)
  • Conflict Resolution in the Church


This is an open enrollment program, open to students everywhere. The courses offered are full graduate courses and can count towards other degree programs.

Courses are offered in the following rotation:

  • Fall: Presbyterian Church Polity (video conference)
  • Spring: Conflict Resolution in the Church (video conference)
  • Summer: Westminster Confession of Faith (video conference)
  • Old or New Testament History and Theology (Intro to Covenant Theology) is offered every semester on a rotating basis


The courses can be taken via the following methods:

  • On-Site and In-Person
  • Live Video Conference
  • Traditional correspondence (self-paced/self-directed)


For more information about this program or to speak with a BTS Admissions Councilor, click the Start Your Journey button at the top or bottom the the page.

Click here if you would like to download a printable version of the informational card displayed on this page.

For information about church partnership opportunities, contact [email protected]

[A Baptist Learning Certificate is also available. Contact an admission councilor for more information.]

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