Advanced Pastoral Studies



Dr. Harry Reeder, Aug.13-15

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Credit, Audit



1. Please read each course syllabus carefully for pre-reading assignments.

2. BC7501 Introduction to Biblical Counseling or BC7502 & BC7755 Counseling in the Local Church I & II are prerequisites for BC7509 AND BC7668.

3. BC7509 Counseling Theory class dates are May 3rd, June 27th and July 25th from 8:00am -10:00am.

4. OT 1526 Old Testament History & Theology will include approximately 8 hours of preclass Thirdmill video content in preparation for the 2 day intensive.

5. PT5524 will be held at Westminster Presbyterian Church: 5744 Oakwood Rd. NW, Huntsville, AL . The Learning Center Coordinator, Rob Nelson, can be contacted at 703-909-6667 or

BTS will not have summer classes in Montgomery, Demopolis, or Dothan. Please take advantage of the intensive classes and/or the videoconference options.

* Old Testament I-III and Systematic I-VI do not have to be taken in any particular order.