Public Theology Program

Program Vision:

The BTS Public Theology program is developed to provide an opportunity for students to explore the interconnected branches of theological engagement in Apologetics, Missions, and Evangelism. These three areas of ministry and research are designed to engage the issues of faith in the marketplace: defending the faith, extending the faith, and sharing the faith. We believe that apologetics should always contain elements of evangelism; missions should be relationally driven; evangelism should be ready to provide answers to the honest questions of the skeptic. The program is built around three core components: the Biblical Studies Core, The Public Theology Core, and the Specialization or Interdisciplinary Core. The Public Theology Program also houses our Certificate in Apologetics (30 hours). 

Degree offered:

Certificate of Apologetics

Master of Arts in Public Theology

Program Structure:

Core #1: Biblical Studies Degree foundation

Core #2: Public Theology Core

  • Intro to Apologetics
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Missiology
  • Apologetics and Evangelism
  • Cross-Cultural Communications


Core #3: Specialization (Apologetics/Evangelism/Missions) or Traditional Interdisciplinary Core

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