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The mission of the Worship program at BTS is to equip worship leaders theologically and technically to lead the church in robust reformed and trinitarian worship that draws on the work of the Spirit, points to Jesus Christ, and glorifies God the Father.

We learn from the tradition of the church, but also from the distinctive of the diverse church community of Birmingham, AL, making this program Biblically sound, ethnically diverse, theologically robust, and unifying for the church. 

Director: Dr. John Haines


The Master of Arts in Worship and Music is a degree for musicians who are in church music ministry or aspire to be in church ministry. This degree is distinctive from Master of Music degrees (MM) in that it combines comprehensive theological training which can lead to an ordainable track in most major evangelical denominations.  It is distinctive from Master of Worship (M.A. or M.W.S. degrees in that it offers graduate-level music training, tailored to the student’s gifting and ministry needs.). The object of this degree program is not simply to equip students with finest of theological and musical training, but to make them employable; and to do so through a hybrid system of virtual, distance, and residential visits.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to…

  • Demonstrate a growing, Christ-like character and a sense of God’s calling to ministry.
  • Demonstrate significant knowledge of the Bible, interpret Scripture’s original meaning, and apply Scripture to contemporary situations.
  • Understand how worship ministry serves the church through leadership, shepherding, evangelism, and apologetics.
  • Develop practical leadership strategies to deploy in worship teams and choirs.
  • Demonstrate competence in worship leadership.

Director: Dr. John Haines

Degrees offered:

  • Certificate of Worship (4 courses/8 hours)
  • Masters of Worship (20 courses/40 hours)
  • Masters of Arts in Worship Ministry (31 courses/62 hours)
  • Doctor of Ministry in Worship (40 hours) in development


MA in Worship Ministry Program (62 hours/31 courses)

  • Biblical/Systematic Theology Component (10 courses)
    • OT Survey
    • OT 1 or 2
    • NT Survey
    • NT 1 or 2
    • Systematic Theology I (Theology Proper)
    • Systematic Theology II (Anthropology)
    • Systematic Theology III (Christology)
    • Systematic Theology V (Ecclesiology) [or IV Soteriology]
    • Bible Interpretation
    • Contemporary Theology or Ethics
  • Applied/Historical Theology Component (5 courses)
    • Introduction to Theological Research
    • Music and Church History (2 courses)
      • History of Psalmody 
      • African American Church History
      • History of Reformed Worship
      • Choose 1 General Church History Course
    • Conflict Resolution in the Church
    • Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Music Component (13 courses)
    • Music Theory in Christian Perspective (can be given credit for previous music degree)
    • Applied Instrument Studies 1 (Guitar/Keyboard/Voice)
    • Applied Instrument Studies 2 (Guitar/Keyboard/Voice)
    • Technology in Worship Ministry (Media, Recording, and Sound)
    • Vocal Performance (Introductory or Advanced)
    • Improvisation and Technique
    • Choral and Orchestral Conducting
    • Small Ensemble Leadership
    • Worship and Music Administration
    • Current Issues in Worship
    • Worship Leadership Clinical: Leadership development (use Dr. Reeder’s 3D Leadership)
    • Final Project and Thesis (2 classes)

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