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SPRING SEMESTER: January 21 – April 24

Drop/Add Period Ends: January 31

Classes Break for Missions Week on February 24-28 and Easter Holy Week on April 8 -10
Graduation is May 15, 2020

(** Classes that meet on Monday, will begin on January 27 due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday) 

BIRMINGHAM CAMPUS: Briarwood Presbyterian Church

V/C: These classes are available by videoconference. $25 videoconference fee applies.

Extension campus students are encouraged to take advantage of these classes

  1. MS6631Biblical Theology of MissionsDr. Chris PetersJan 9-118:00-5:00pmA201
    WM3505Contemporary Issues in WorshipDr. Haines/EllisJan 9-118:00-5:00pmA202
    OT1022Old Testament II (Historical Books & Prophets)*Rev. Kuna GriggsMon6:00am-8:00amA201
    BC7735Group DynamicsDr. Larry DozierMon5:30-7:30pmA201 v/c
    OT1512Beginning Hebrew IIMr. Bruce HorsleyMon5:30-7:30pmA202
    NT2525New Testament History & TheologyDr. Matt AernieMon5:30-7:30pmA209 v/c
    BC7505Advanced Biblical Counseling 1Dr. Larry DozierMon7:30-9:30pmA201 v/c
    PT5641Curriculum Review and DevelopmentDr. E.J. WaldronMon7:30-9:30pmA202
    ST3655EthicsDr. Matt AernieMon7:30-9:30pmA209 v/c
    PT5733Leadership Development & DeploymentDr. Harry Reeder/R. CarterTue5:30-7:30pmA201 v/c
    MS6652Techniques of Church PlantingDr. Murray LeeTue5:30-7:30pmA202 
    ST3526Systematic Theology I (Study of God)*Dr. Jay HaleyTue5:30-7:30pmA209 v/c
    PT5631Theology and Practice of AdministrationDr. Richard TrucksTue7:30-9:30pmA201
    NT2023New Testament II (Romans-Revelation)*Mr. Johnathan HarrisTue7:30-9:30pmA202 v/c
    PT5531Christian Workers Personal Life & Spritual FormationDr. Jay HaleyTue7:30-9:30pmA209 v/c
    OT1512Beginning Hebrew IIMr. Bill StroupWed6:00-8:00amA201
    OT1022Old Testament II (Historical Books & Prophets) *Dr. Frank BarkerWed5:30-7:30pmW203
    BC7755Counseling in the Local Church IIDr. Steve CloudWed6:30-8:30pmA209
    PT5637Personal Evangelism (2)Dr. Barker/Rev. AllisonWed6:30-8:30pmF-Hall
    WM3501Ensemble Leadership and Conducting Dr. John HainesWed6:30-8:30pmChoir Rm. v/c
    ST3527Systematic Theology II (Study of Man) *Rev. Robert AlexanderThu9:00-11:00amA201 v/c
    ST3550Bible InterpretationDr. Thad James, Jr.Thu5:30-7:30pmA201 v/c
    AP8525Apologetics & the Bible (Defense of Scripture)Dr. Cowan/Mr. RobbinsThu5:30-7:30pmA202 v/c
    PT5521Introduction to Theological Studies (Communication)Dr. Jim MaplesThu5:30-7:30pmA209
    PT5521Introduction to Theological Studies (Communication)Dr. E.J. WaldronThu7:30-9:30pmA201
    AP8532Contemporary CultsRev. Clete HuxThu7:30-9:30pmA202
    HT4721Reformation and Modern Church HistoryDr. Jim MaplesThu7:30-9:30pmA209 v/c
    NT2023New Testament II (Romans-Revelation) *Rev. Mike JonesFri6:00-8:00amA201
    PT5800/DM9101 Church Revitalization (3)Dr. Harry ReederJan. 16-19 F-Hall
    LG1000Logos Bible Software Training Seminar (4)Dr. Thad James, Jr.Sat/Feb. 15 8:30am-12:30pmA201
    BC7624Readings in Biblical Counseling (1)Dr. Howard EyrichSat8:00am-10amV/C Only

    *Old Testament I-III, New Testament I-II and Systematic Theology I-VI do not have to be taken in any particular order.

1.BC7501 is a prerequisite for BC7624 Readings in Biblical Counseling and BC7505 Advanced Biblical Counseling . BC7624 will meet on 1/25, 2/22, 3/28, 425.
2.PT5637 Personal Evangelism: BTS students must register with Briarwood Evangelism Ministry ( or 205-776-5301) and with BTS.
3.PT5800 Church Revitalization students must pre-register with Embers to a Flame and also with BTS. Contact Embers to a Flame at 776-5399.
4.LG1000 Logos Seminar students must register with the seminary office by Feb. 2nd. The Seminar is free to all BTS students and grads. You must have the softwareloaded on your laptops.

bts.eduation • 205.776.5356 •


Christian Chapel Baptist Church – 500 Decatur St.

Extension Coordinator: Albert Jackson 205-496-4133/

NT2022New Testament I (Gospels-Acts)*Rev. Fred MooreTue5:30-7:30PM
AP8521Introduction to ApologeticsRev. Fred MooreTue7:30-9:30PM 
PT5521Introduction to Theological Studies (Communication) Rev. Major BurrellThu5:30 -7:30PM
BC7501Introduction to Biblical Counseling Rev. Major BurrellThu7:30- 9:30PM


Westwood Presbyterian Church-5480 W. Main St. and Dothan Community Church-4390 Westgate Pkwy.

Extension Coordinator: Leslie Hicks – 334-718-1000/

PT5637Personal EvangelismDr. Charles LewisTue5:30-7:30pmDCC
AP8521Introduction to ApologeticsRev. Lynn MileyThu5:30-7:30pmWPC


Westminster Presbyterian Church-5744 Oakwood Rd. NW and/or The Village Church 2103 Virginia Blvd. NW 35811

Extension Coordinato: Rob Nelson – 703-909-6667/

ST3550Bible InterpretationRev. Lyle LeeTues5:30-7:30pmTVC
HT4641Church History in America 6Dr. Blair WaddellFri-Sat6:00pm-8:00pm (Fri) 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Sat.* See syllabus for full schedule.TVC
PT5523Ministry of the Word IRev. Jackie GastonSat10:00am-12:00pm WPC

6. HT4721 Reformation & Modern Church History will meet on February 21-22 and 28-29


Young Meadows Presbyterian Church – 5780 Vaughn Rd.

Extension Coordinator: Lydia Pickett-334-284-5056/

ST3526Systematic Theology I (Study of God)*Rev. Lee BloodworthMon5:30-7:30pm
PT5733Leadership Development & DeploymentDr. Filbert MartinMon5:30-7:30pm
HT4641Church History in AmericaDr. Harrison TaylorTue5:30-7:30pm
OT1022Old Testament II (Historical Books & Prophets)Dr. Josh CarmichaelThu5:30-7:30pm
PT5637Personal EvangelismDr. Josh CarmichaelThu7:30-9:30pm

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