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Spring Semester 2018 Schedule

January 16 – April 20

Registrations/Tuition due by January 19 – Drop/Add Period Ends January 26

Fall Break March 5-9/ No Class March 29-30 for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Graduation is May 18

This schedule is subject to change.
NOTE: All courses are two credit hours unless otherwise noted.

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Syllabi are posted as they are received


Briarwood Presbyterian Church (Unless otherwise noted)

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HT4743 Presbyterian Church History + Rev. Jackie Gaston Jan.4-6 8-5pm A201
MS6652 Techniques in Church Planting Rev. Larry Cockrell Jan11-13 8-5pm A201
BC7735 Group Dynamics Dr. Howard Eyrich Mon 5:30-7:30pm A201
OT1512 Beginning Hebrew II Mr. Bruce Horsley Mon 5:30-7:30pm A202
PT5641 Curriculum Review and Development Dr. Dave Matthews Mon 5:30-7:30pm A209
BC7624 Readings in Biblical Counseling (1) Dr. Howard Eyrich Mon 7:30-9:30pm A201
OT1526 Old Testament History & Theology+ Mr. Brandon Robbins Mon 7:30-9:30pm A202
AP8525 Apologetics & the Bible Dr. Matthew Burford Mon 7:30-9:30pm A209
NT2023 New Testament II (Romans-Revelation) * Rev. George Shamblin Tue 5:30-7:30pm A201
PT5524 Ministry of the Word II Dr. Michael Reese Tue 5:30-7:30pm A202
PT5531 Christian Workers Personal Life & Spiritual Formation+ Dr. Jay Haley Tue 5:30-7:30pm A209
BC7606 Using the Bible in Counseling (2) Dr. Lou Priolo Tue 6:15-8:30pm VBC
ST3550 Bible Interpretation+ Dr. Thad James, Jr. Tue 7:30-9:30pm A201
ST3526 Systematic Theology I (Study of God) * Dr. Jay Haley Tue 7:30-9:30pm A209
OT1512 Beginning Hebrew II Mr. Bill Stroup Wed 6:00-8:00am A201
OT1022 Old Testament II (Historical Books & Prophets) * Dr. Frank Barker Wed 5:30-7:30pm W203
BC7755 Counseling in the Local Church II Dr. Steve Cloud Wed 6:30-8:30pm A209
PT5637 Personal Evangelism (3) Dr. Barker/Rev. Allison Wed 6:30-8:30pm F-Hall
ST3527 Systematic Theology II (Study of Man) * Rev. Robert Alexander Thu 9:00-11:00am A201
AP8533 Christianity & Competing Worldviews Rev. Clete Hux Thu 5:30-7:30pm A201
PT5527 Communication Dr. Jim Maples Thu 5:30-7:30pm A209
AP8532 Contemporary Cults Rev. Clete Hux Thu 7:30-9:30pm A201
HT4641 Church History in America Dr. Jim Maples Thu 7:30-9:30pm A209
PT7803 Clinical Writing Project (4) Rev. Larry Cockrell
DM5513 Biblical Hermeneutics for the Practice of Biblical Counseling (5) Dr. Jeffery Forrey Thu 5:00-9:00pm V/C
NT2023 New Testament II (Romans-Revelation) * Rev. Mike Jones Fri 6:00-8:00am A201
ST3529 Systematic Theology IV (8)+ Dr. Olan Stubbs Fri 8:00 – 9:30 AM A201
PT5800 Church Revitalization (6) Dr. Harry Reeder Jan. 18-21 F-Hall
Logos Logos Bible Software Training Seminar (7) Dr. Thad James, Jr. Sat/Feb. 10 8:30am-12:30pm A201

+ These classes are available by video conference to students living outside of Birmingham. $25 video conference fee applies.
1. BC7501 is a prerequisite for BC7624 Readings in Biblical Counseling.
2. VBC – Valleydale Baptist Church – 2324 Valleydale Rd. 35244 classes begin on January 9th.
3. PT5637 Personal Evangelism BTS students must register with Briarwood Evangelism Ministry ( or 205-776-5301) and with BTS.
4. All Master of Ministry students seeking to graduate in May 2018 are required to take PT7803 Clinical Writing project this fall.
5. Please see the course syllabus for the DM5513 class dates.
6. PT5800 Church Revitalization students must pre-register and pay conference fee (50% discount) with Embers to a Flame and also submit a BTS registration form with tuition. Contact Embers to a Flame at 776-5399 or
7. Logos Seminar students must register with the seminary office by February 2nd. The Seminar is free to all BTS students. You must have the software loaded on your laptops for the seminar.
8. Class begins January 26 and Ends May 18.

Old Testament I-III, New Testament I-II, and Systematic Theology I-VI do not need to be taken in any particular order.

Calhoun County Campus

Extension Coordinator: Dennis Bradford 202-821-7409

Anniston Bible Church • 3230 Coleman Rd., Anniston, AL 36207

OT1021 Old Testament I Dr. Steve Schrader Mon 2:00-4:00 PM
 AP8531 World Religions Dr. Vic Minish Mon 5:30-7:30 PM

Demopolis Campus

Contact the BTS Office at 205-776-5356 or

 Christian Chapel Baptist Church 500 W Decatur St.

ST3550 Bible Interpretation Rev. Fred Moore Tue 5:30-7:30 PM
PT5621 Conflict Resolution in the Church Rev. Fred Moore Tue 7:30-9:30 PM
PT5733 Leadership Development Rev. Major Burrell Thu 5:30-7:30 PM
BC7501 Intro to Biblical Counseling Rev. Major Burrell Thu 7:30-9:30 PM

Dothan Campus

Extension Coordinator: Angela Smith • 334-797-8572 •

Westwood Presb. Church 5480 W. Main St. 36303 • Dothan Community Church 4390 Westgate 36303

ST3511 Survey of Systematic Theology Rev. Lynn Miley Mon 5:30-7:30 PM WPC
PT5637 Personal Evangelism Dr. Charles Lewis Thu 5:30-7:30 PM DCC


Huntsville Campus

Extension Coodinator: Matt Ligon • 256.509.5822 •

Connections Presbyterian Church 897 Capshaw Rd. •  Grace Fellowship Presby. Church 925 West Main St.

No classes scheduled in Huntsville this semester. Distance education or video conference classes are available.

Montgomery Campus

Extension Coordinator: Lydia Pickett • 334-354-5060 •

Young Meadows Presbyterian Church • 5780 Vaughn Rd. 36116

 Trinity Presbyterian Church • 1728 South Hull Street 36104

ST3550 Bible Interpretation Rev. Billy Reinhardt Mon 5:30-7:30 PM YMPC
AP8521 Introducation to Apologetics Rev. Billy Reinhardt Mon 7:30-9:30 PM YMPC
ST3528 Systematic Theology III (Christology) Rev. Lee Bloodworth Mon 5:30-7:30 PM YMPC
HT4641 Church History in America Dr. Harrison Taylor Tue 5:30-7:30 PM TPC
PT5527 Communications Dr. Josh Carmichael Thu 5:30-7:30 PM YMPC

Tuscaloosa Campus

Riverwood Presbyterian Church- 501 Rice Road, N.

Contact the BTS Office: 205-776-5356/ BTS

PT5531 Christian Worker’s Personal Life and Spiritual Formation Dr. Lombo Simba Lombo Mon 5:30-7:30 PM RW
BC7630 Marriage and Family Counseling Rev. Shamus Drake Thu 5:30-7:30 RW