Academic Mission Statement

BTS’s primary mission exists in the field of advanced theological education. We believe that the content of our programs should be biblically based, biblically tested, and biblically and theologically cohesive. Whether one is studying biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, or applied theology–the word of God is our only rule of faith and practice. The Bible is the only sufficient tool that one can use to test one’s apprehension of truth from the world around us. Like the Bereans, one must test all ideas and knowledge against the revealed word of God. We believe this education should be historically informed. Learning and engaging that which has come before can enlighten contemporary thought, keep one from pursuing learning apart from God’s word, and from repeating the mistakes of the past in the present. We believe that truth can be apprehended. While never fully grasped on this side of Paradise, the truth can be understood cohesively, as God’s word is cohesive. We cannot understand God’s special revelation comprehensively, but we can understand its truth competently. Thus, we believe that the Truth, revealed specifically through God’s word and generally through His creation, can inform and guide us to be able to make real, substantive evaluations of our contemporary conditions–personally and socially–through the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that our learning should never stay only in our head, lest we become “hearers only” and not doers of the indwelling word.

Certificate Programs:

BTS certificate programs are designed to provide short, concise studies that target a specific area of learning for the student that desires personal grow and to experience a learning challenge. Classes are taken for full credit for the Learning Certificates and for the Full Certificates, with the option of a reduced workload.

Masters Programs (Enrichment Level):

BTS Masters Enrichment Level degrees are designed to fulfill two purposes. First, to provide an academically based degree for the volunteer-oriented student, providing a challenging program that enriches their ability to provide leadership in their church and service life. Second, to create a platform of achievement that leads to further studies with possible professional employment. The Master’s programs can be enfolded into the full Master of Arts level degrees.

Master of Arts programs (Professional Level):

BTS Master of Arts degrees are designed to provide a full, comprehensive academic and ministry-oriented program that intellectually and spiritually benefit the student, both personally and professionally. The programs are generally oriented around two axes: ministry in the church (Pastoral Leadership, Christian Education, Biblical Counseling, and Worship Ministry) or ministry outside the church (MA in Public Theology [Apologetics, Missions, and Evangelism]). Original language study can be added to any of these degrees.

Master of Divinity (Ordination and Non-Ordination):

BTS Master of Divinity degree program is designed to meet the requirements of the Uniform Curriculum of the Presbyterian Church in America with a full suite of classes in Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Applied Theology, and Historical Theology. It is designed to prepare individuals serving in full-time pastoral ministry. BTS does operate a non-ordainable version of this degree for gender parity.

  • Master of Divinity (102 hours)
  • Master of Divinity (non-ordanable) (102 hours)
  • Master of Divinity (specialized) (102 hours)
    • Biblical Counseling
    • Public Theology
    • Church Planting and Vitality
    • Biblical Languages

Doctor of Ministry (Post-Graduate Studies):

BTS Doctor of Ministry program is designed to challenge students to pursue unique research in their respective fields that bring new perspectives to ministry challenges. This program is course-based and research conclusive, finishing with a published dissertation over a three-year program. This program requires a professional level (terminal) master’s degree.

  • Doctor of Ministry
    • Pastoral Leadership
    • Biblical Counseling
    • Apologetics
    • Church Multiplication

BTS Writing Center

This web link below sends you to our online research and writing aids.  This site is filled with resources to help students to write quality research papers.



BTS Non-Discriminatory Policy

Birmingham Theological Seminary admits students of any race, color, sex, handicap, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, and activities generally afforded or made available to all its students. Birmingham Theological Seminary does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, handicap, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational and admission policies. BTS does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the educational programs or activities including admission or employment, except in the matter of ordination, and certain courses restricted to men, related to the question of ordination. While not being an official agency of the Presbyterian Church in America, BTS is associated with the PCA and adheres to the position of the denomination, which biblically restricts the ordained office to men.

BTS will make every reasonable effort to accommodate disabilities, and disabled students are welcome.

Student Handbook: LINK

Due to revisions in the degree programs, the BTS Academic and Course Catalog is currently only available by request. A full revised course catalog will be available for students by 1 January 2024.

Please email [email protected] for your copy


Faculty Handbook: LINK

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