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Drop/Add Ends: January 29th
No Official Spring Break

Briarwood Missions Week February 22nd – 26th NO CLASSES
Easter Holiday March 31st – April 2nd
Graduation Friday May 14th 7:00 PM


BIRMINGHAM CAMPUS: Briarwood Presbyterian Church

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Live In-Class Schedule (Video Conference available only if noted) * Space Limited

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New Addition

PT5531Christian Worker’s Personal LifeDr. Olan StubbsFRI9:30-11:30 AM TBA & V/C
Course NumberCourse NameProfessorDayTimeRoomCap Size
ST3655 (Intensive)EthicsDr. Matt AernieJanuary 7 – 9 Lakecrest Pres. Church*  
PT5800 (Intensive)Church RevitalizationDr. Harry Reeder January 14 -168:00 AM-5:00 PMFH/VC 
AP8664 (Intensive)Christ & Culture 3Mr. Ike ReederJan. 22-23 Mar.6 Apr. 3See NoteVC 
ST3526Systematic Theology I (God-Theology Proper)Dr. Jeff LowmanMON5:30-7:00 PMA2018
NT2012Beginning Greek IIMr. Bruce HorsleyMON5:30-7:00 PMWC15
AP8525Apologetics & the BibleDr. Matt BurfordMON5:30-7:00 PMA2098
HT4742Baptist Church HistoryDr. Ben BirdsongMON7:30-9:00 PMA2025
AP8533Cults and World ReligionsRev. Clete HuxMON7:30-9:00 PMWC25
NT2023New Testament II (Pauline Epistles)Dr. Matt AernieTUE5:30-7:00 PMA20110
ST3529*Systematic Theology IV (Soteriology)Rev. Robert AlexanderTUE5:30-7:00 PMA2025
OT1256Old Testament History & TheologyRev. Hunter TwittyTUE5:30-7:00 PMWC15


(Live/Video Conference)

Biblical Counseling with Children & Youth (1)Dr. Chesley PeedTUE7:30-9:00 PMA209-V/C8
OT1022Old Testament II (Major Prophets)Dr. David WellsTUE7:30-9:00 PMWC25
NT2012Beginning Greek IIMr. Bill StroupWED6:00-7:30 AM A2015

ST3550      (Live/Video Conference)

Bible Interpretation (2)Dr. Thad James Jr.THUR5:30-7:00 PMA201-V/C8
PT5521Introduction to Theological StudiesDr. Jim MaplesTHUR5:30-7:00 PMA2098
BC7630      (Live/Video Conference)Marriage & Family Counseling (1)Dr. C. Blackmon & Dr. D. Matthews THUR5:30-7:00 PMWC1-V/C5
HT4743Presbyterian Church HistoryDr. Jim MaplesTHUR7:30-9:00 PMA2025
MS6658    (Live/Video Conference)Cross Cultural CommunicationDr. Thad James JrTHUR7:30-9:00 PMWC2-V/C5

*Ethics class meet at Lakecrest Presbyterian Church. 560 Lake Crest Dr, Hoover, AL 35226

*ST3529 Systematic Theology IV will not meet on Tuesday 1/19. The first day of class will be 1/26.

1. BC7501 is a prerequisite for BC7630 & BC7670 counseling courses.
2. PT5521 is a prerequisite for ST3550.

3. AP8664 meets on four days Jan 22-23 (Fri: 5-9 PM/Sat 8:30 AM-12:30 PM), March 6 and April 3.

* Old Testament I-III and Systematic I-VI do not have to be taken in any particular order.

Video Conference Schedule

DM9109Pastoral Ministry in a Cultural ContextDr. Jay HaleyMON5:30-8:30 PMD.Min. Program only
DM1112Counseling Methodologies: Caring & Curing of SoulsDr. Howard Eyrich/ Dr. Cheryl BlackmonMON5:30-8:30 PMD.Min. Program only
PT5521 VCIntroduction to Theological StudiesDr. Pat SandersTUES5:30-7:30 PMV/C
HT4721 VCReformation & Modern Church HistoryDr. E.J. WaldronTUES5:30-7:30 PMV/C
BC7755 VCCounseling in the Local Church II (3)Dr. Steven CloudWED5:30-7:30 PMV/C
NT2012 VCBeginning Greek II (3)Dr. Matt AernieTHUR11:00 AM – 12:30 PMV/C
NT2023 VCNew Testament II (Pauline Epistles)Dr. Johnathan HarrisTHUR9:00 AM-11:00 AMV/C
OT1021 VCOld Testament I (Genesis – Ruth)Prof. Kuna GriggsTHUR5:30-7:30 PMV/C
NT2023 VCNew Testament II (Pauline Epistles)Rev. Michael JonesFRI6:00-7:30 AM V/C


3. These courses have prerequisites.


Dothan Community Church: 4390 Westgate Pkwy

NT2022New Testment I (Gospels-Acts)Dr. Charles LewisTHUR5:30-7:30 PM
ST3527Systematic Theology II (Anthropology)Dr. Charles LewisTHUR7:30-9:30 PM


The Village Church: 2103 Virginia Blvd. NW 35811

Extension Coordinator: Rob Neslon 703-909-6667/

PT5531Spiritual Disciplines in Christian LifeRev. Lyle LeeTUE5:30-7:30 PMLive & V/C


Eastwood Presbyterian Church 1701 E. Trinity Blvd 36106

Extention Coordinator: Lydia Pickett – 334-354-5060 //

ST3527Systematic Theology II (Anthropology)Rev. Lee BloodworthMON5:30-7:30 PMEPC
HT4641 Church History in AmericaDr. Harrison TaylorMON5:30-7:30 PMEPC

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