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Registration Guide:

The registration period is open for the live/in-person classes that meet weekly. You can register for the remaining intensive classes using the yellow “New Students Registration Form” button below. Register for a Distance Education class here.

E-mail [email protected] if you have questions about classes.


SPRING SEMESTER January 17th-April 21st

Drop/Add Period Ends January 27th

Spring Break February 27th – March 3th (Global Missions Conference February 25th – March 5th)

No classes April 5, 6, 7 for Easter

BIRMINGHAM CAMPUS: Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Live/In-person Classes * Video Conference * Doctor Of Ministry

Meets at Briarwood Presbyterian Church: 2200 Briarwood Way

HT4721Reformation & Modern Church HistoryDr. E. J. WaldronMon5:30-7:20PMA201 
NT2023New Testament Studies  II (Pauline Epistles)Dr. Matt AernieMon5:30-7:20PMA202Live/VC
NT2525New Testament History & TheologyDr. Heath KahlbauMon5:30-7:20PMA209 
OT1512Beginning Hebrew IIMr. Bruce HorsleyMon5:30-7:20PMM200 
OT1526Old Testament History & TheologyDr. E. J. WaldronMon7:30-9:30PMA201 
NT2012Biblical Greek IIDr. Matt AernieMon7:30-9:30PMA202 
PT5524Ministry of the Word II (1)Various ProfessorsTues5:30-7:20PMA201Live/VC
BC7630Marriage And Family Counseling (2)Dr.’s Eyrich/BlackmonTues5:30-7:20PMA202Live/VC
PT5733Leadership Development and DeploymentDr. Jay HaleyTues5:30-7:20PMA209Live/VC
BC7670Biblical Counseling with Children, Youth, & Family (2)Dr. Chesley PeedTues7:30-9:30PMA202Live/VC
OT1512Beginning Hebrew IIMr. Bill StroupWed6:00-8:00AMA201 
PT5521Introduction to Theological Research & WritingDr. Amy BoeThurs5:30-7:20PMA201 
OT1021Old Testament I (Genesis-Ruth)Prof. Justin RichardsonThurs5:30-7:20PMA202 
ST3529Systematic Theology IV (Soteriology)Dr. Jim MaplesThurs5:30-7:20PMA209 
MS6732Comparative ReligionsDr. Amy BoeThurs7:30-9:30PMA201Live/VC
ST3550Bible Interpretation (3)Dr. Thad James, Jr.Thurs7:30-9:30PMA202Live/VC
ST4654Westminster Confession of FaithDr. Olan StubbsFri8:00-10:00AMBDMLive/VC
 Logos & Citations WorkshopDr.’s Pat Sanders & Thad JamesFeb. 11th9:00-12:00PMA201 
 Writing WorkshopDr. Pat Sanders & OthersMar. 17th1:00-4:00pmLibrary 
 Writing WorkshopDr. Pat Sanders & OthersApr. 14th1:00-4:00pmLibrary 

*  Systematic I-VI do not have to be taken in any particular order

1. PT5523 Ministry of the Word I is a prerequisite for PT5524 Ministry of the Word II.w 
2.. BC7501 Introduction to Biblical Counseling is a prerequisite for BC7630 and BC7670.   
3. PT5521 Introduction to Theological Research & Writing is a prerequisite for ST3550 Bible Interpretation  
4. ST3526 Systematic Theology I will be April 27th-29th 8-5PM on Thursday-Friday, 8-2PM Saturday  

Spring Intensives

Birmingham – January 5th – 7th       
AP8791The Church and the State/Political TheologyDr.  Darin StoneThurs-SatJan. 5th 5pm-9pm
Jan. 6th8:30am-5:00pm
Jan. 7th 8:30am-1:00pm

Birmingham April 27th-29th

ST3526Systematic Theology I (Study of God) (4)Dr. Jeff LowmanThurs-SatApril Thu 27,28, 29th A201
Lampstand Conference – January 12th – 14th       
PT5800/DM9101Lampstand (Church Vitality) Conference  Dr. Harry ReederJan. 12-15   


Video Conference

Classes meet Central Standard Time Zone

PT5521Introduction to Theological Research & WritingDr. Pat SandersMon5:30-7:20PM VC
NT2023New Testament Studies  II (Pauline Epistles)Dr. Matt AernieMon5:30-7:20PM Live/VC
AP8525Apologetics & the BibleDr. David FilsonMon 5:30-7:20PM V/C
BC7630Marriage And Family Counseling (2)Eyrich/BlackmonTues5:30-7:20PM Live/VC
PT5733Leadership Development and DeploymentDr. Jay HaleyTues5:30-7:20PM Live/VC
PT5524Ministry of the Word IIVarious ProfessorsTues5:30-7:20PM Live V/C
BC7670Biblical Counseling with Children, Youth & Families (2)Dr. Chesley PeedTues7:30-9:30PM Live/VC
NT2022New Testament Studies  I (Gospels-Acts)Dr. Johnathan HarrisWed9:30-11:30AM VC
BC7755Counseling in the Local Church IIDr. Howard EyrichWed6:30pm-8:30pm VC
OT1512Beginning Hebrew IIDr. Jud DavisThurs5:30-7:20pm V/C
OT1022Old Testament Studies  II (Historical Books & Prophets)Prof. Kuna GriggsThurs5:30-7:20PM VC
NT2012Biblical Greek IIDr. Pat SandersThurs5:30-7:20PM V/C
ST3550Bible Interpretation (3)Dr. Thad James, Jr.Thurs7:30-9:30PM Live/VC
MS6732Comparative ReligionsDr. Amy BoeThurs7:30-9:30PM Live/VC
PT5621Conflict Resolution in the ChurchProf. Kuna GriggsThurs7:30-9:30PM V/C
NT2023New Testament Studies  II (Pauline Epistles)Rev. Mike JonesFri6:00-8:00AM VC
ST4654Westminister Confession of FaithDr. Olan StubbsFri8:00-10:00AM Live/VC

* Old Testament I-III and Systematic I-VI do not have to be taken in any particular order.

  1. BC7501 Introduction to Biblical Counseling and ST3527 Systematic Theology II (Anthropology) are prerequisites.

  2. PT5521 Introduction to Theological Research and Writing is a prerequisite for ST3550 Bible Interpretation


Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Ministry classes meet via video conference.

DM9101Church Vitality (Lampstand) Dr. Harry ReederJan. 12-15 
DM1112Biblical Counseling & Human Physiology/PsychopathologyDr. Jeff ForreyMon 5:30-8:30PM
DM9021Contemporary Church PlantingDr. Hunter BrewerMon 5:30-8:30PM
DM2207Theological Anthropology and Moral TheologyDr. Jay HaleyMon 5:30-8:30PM
DM9109Pastoral Ministry in Cultural ContextDr. Thad James, Jr.Mon 5:30-8:30PM
DM9321Biblical Counseling & Professional/Personal DevelopmentDr. Howard EyrichMon 5:30-8:30PM


Montgomery Learning Center

First Presbyterian Church of Montgomery
5 Arden Rd, Montgomery, AL 36106

Learning Center Coordinator: Dr. Reed De Pace ([email protected]

ST3550Bible Interpretation (3)Dr. Reed DePaceTues6:00-8:00PM 

Tuscaloosa Learning Center

Riverwood Presbyterian Church 501 Rice Valley Rd N. 35406

Learning Center Coordinator: Rev. Derrick Brite ([email protected])

OT1526Old Testament History & TheologyDr. Josh CarmichaelThurs6:00-8:00PM


Dothan Learning Center

Dothan Community Church: 4390 Westgate Pkwy 36303

Learning Center Coordinator:

NT2022New Testament Studies I (Gospels-Acts)Dr. Charles LewisThurs 5:30-7:30PM 




The Edmiston Center – RTS Atlanta

Contact BTS Registrar for additional information

Ethics & Biblical Views on Justice *Possible PreReq.Karen Ellis

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