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FALL SEMESTER September 8th-December 11th

Drop/Add Period Ends September 18th

Fall Break: October 12-16- No Class

Thanksgiving Break: November 26-27

Briarwood Walk Through Nativity: December 9-11


BIRMINGHAM CAMPUS: Briarwood Presbyterian Church

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Baptist Church History

Course NumberCourse NameProfessorDayTimeRoomCap Size
ST4654Westminster Confession Of FaithDr. Jeff LowmanMON5:30-7:00 PMA2098
NT2011Beginning Greek IMr. Bruce HorselyMON5:30-7:00 PMWC15
PT5523Ministry of the Word IDr.Jeff LowmanMON7:30-9:00 PMA2015
HT4742Baptist Church HistoryDr. Ben BirdsongMON7:30-9:00 PMA2025
NT2033New Testament III (Non-Pauline)Dr. Matt AernieTUE5:30-7:00 PMA2015
ST3528Systematic Theology III (Christology)Rev. Robert AlexanderTUE5:30-7:30 PMA2025
BC7622Biblical Approach to AddictionsDrs. Eyrich & PeedTUE5:30-7:30WC2-V/C5
NT2525New Testament History & TheologyDr. Matt AernieTUE7:30-9:00 PMA2098
OT1021Old Testament I (Genesis-Ruth)Dr. David WellsTUE7:30-9:00 PMWC15
NT2011Beginning Greek IMr. Bill StroupWED6:00-7:30 AM A2015
AP8521Introduction to ApologeticsDr. Matt BurfordTHUR5:30-7:00 PMA2025
HT4528Early & Medieval Church HistoryDr. E.J. WaldronTHUR5:30-7:00 PMA2015
ST3527Systematic Theology IIDr. Jay HaleyTHUR5:30-7:00 PMWC15
PT5521Intro to Theological StudiesDr. E.J. WaldronTHUR7:30-9:00 PMA2098
PT5631Theology & Practice of AdministrationDr. Jay HaleyTHUR7:30-9:00 PMWC25

1. BC7501 is a prerequisite for the BC7606 & BC7622 counseling courses.
2. ST3550 is a prerequisite for BC7606

* Old Testament I-III and Systematic I-VI do not have to be taken in any particular order.

Video Conference Schedule


DM9120Research & DesignDr. Thad James, Jr. MON5:30-8:30 PMV/C
BC7501Introduction to Biblical Counseling 1Dr. H. Eyrich and Dr. C. Blackmon MON5:30-7:30 PMV/C
ST3550Bible InterpretationDr. Thad James, Jr. TUES5:30-7:30 PMV/C
BC7606Using the Bible in Counseling 2Dr. H. Eyrich & Dr. C. BlackmonTUES7:30-9:30 PMV/C
AP8661Issues in Contemporary Theology & Culture 3Dr. T. James, Jr. & Mr. B. RobbinsTUES7:30-9:30 PMV/C
WM3521Applied Instrument Studies 1 (Guitar/Keyboard/Voice)Dr. John HainesWED5:30-7:30 PMV/C
BC7502Counseling in the Local Church I 4Dr. Stephen CloudWED5:30-7:30 PMV/C
NT2022New Testament I (Gospels-Acts)Dr. Johnathan HarrisTHUR9:00-11:00 AMV/C
ST3531Systematic Theology VI (Eschatology) Prof. Cooper Pinson THUR5:30-7:30 PMV/C
PT5621 Conflict Resolution in the ChurchProf. Kuna GriggsTHUR5:30-7:30 PMV/C
NT2022New Testament IRev. Michael JonesFRI6:00-7:30 AMA2015

3. AP8661 will count for ST3744 Contemporary Theology

4. BC7502 Counseling in the Local Church I is a free class.


Christian Chapel Baptist Church: 500 Decatur Street

OT1021Old Testament I (Genesis-Ruth)Rev. Fred MooreTUE5:30-7:30 PM
NT2022New Testament I (Gospels-Acts)Rev. Fred MooreTUE7:30-9:30 PM
PT5521Introduction to Theological StudiesRev. Major BurrellTHUR5:30-7:30 PM
HT4641Church History in AmericaRev. Major BurrellTHUR7:30-9:30 PM


Dothan Community Church: 4390 Westgate Pkwy

NT2023New Testament IIDr. Charles LewisTHUR5:30-7:30 PM
OT1022Old Testament II (Historical books & Prophets)Dr. Charles LewisTHUR7:30-9:30 PM


The Village Church: 2103 Virginia Blvd. NW 35811

Extension Coordinator: Rob Neslon 703-909-6667/

PT5521Introduction to Theological StudiesRev. Lyle LeeTUE5:30-7:30 PMLive & V/C


Eastwood Presbyterian Church 1701 E. Trinity Blvd 36106

Extention Coordinator: Lydia Pickett – 334-354-5060 //

ST3526Introduction to Theological StudiesRev. Lee BloodworthMON5:30-7:30
HT4721  Reformation and Modern Church HistoryDr. Harrison TaylorMON5:30-7:30 PM

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