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The registration period is closed for the live/in-person classes that meet weekly. You can still register for the remaining summer intensive classes using the yellow “New Students Registration Form” button below. Register for a Distance Education class here.

The Fall semester will begin on September 7 and the schedule will be posted by late July. 

E-mail if you have questions about classes.


Spring Semester January 18 to April 22

Drop/Add Ends: January 26

No Official Spring Break Briarwood Missions Week is February 28 to March 4 – No Classes

Classes will not meet on April 14th Maundy Thursday and April 15th Good Friday


BIRMINGHAM CAMPUS: Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Live/In-person Classes * Video Conference * Doctor Of Ministry

Meets at Briarwood Presbyterian Church: 2200 Briarwood Way

OT1021Old Testament I (Genesis-Ruth) (1)Dr. Richard PrattJan. 6-8See belowA201
PT5800/DM9101Lampstand Conference (2)Dr. Harry Reeder IIIJan. 13-15See belowFellowship
PT5621Conflict Resolution in the ChurchDr. Lombo SimbaMON5:30-7:30 PMA202
HT4742Baptist Church HistoryDr. Ben BirdsongMON7:30-9:30 PMA209
 BC7630Marriage & Family (3) Dr. Howard EyrichTUE            5:30-7:30pm A201
PT5542Philosophy of Christian EducationDr. Cheryl BlackmonTUE5:30-7:30 PMA202
NT2525New Testament History & TheologyDr. Heath KahlbauTUE5:30-7:30 PMA205
ST3526Systematic Theology I (Study of God)Dr. Jay HaleyTUE5:30 -7:30 PMA209
OT1022Old Testament II (Historical Books & Prophets)Dr. David WellsTUE7:30-9:30 PMA202
ST3529Systematic Theology IV (Soteriology/Pneumatology)Dr. Jay HaleyTUE7:30-9:30 PMA209
BC7755Counseling in the Local Church IIDr. Steven CloudWED6:30-7:30 PMA201
ST3550Bible Interpretation (4)Dr. Thad James jr.THU5:30-7:30 PMA201
NT2033New Testament III (Non-Pauline Epistles)Dr. Matt AernieTHU5:30-7:30 PMA202
PT5521Introduction to Theological StudiesDr. Jim MaplesTHU7:30-9:30 PMA209
ST3655EthicsDr. Matt AernieTHU7:30-9:30 PMA202
HT4743Presbyterian Church HistoryDr. Jim MaplesTHU7:30-9:30 PMA209
NT2023New Testament II (Pauline Epistles)Rev. Mike JonesFRI6:00 AM-8:00AMA202
ST3655Beginning Hebrew IIMr. Bill StroupFRI8:30-10:30 PMA201
LOGOSLogos Training Seminar (5)Dr. Thad James jr.JAN. 15th8:30AM-12:30 PMA201
 Writing Seminar (6)Dr. Pat Sanders2/18
1:00-4:30 PMLibrary
  1. OT1021 Old Testament I Intensive is scheduled for 1/6-8, on the 6th & 7th 8:00 AM -5:00 PM and the 8th from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM.
  2. PT5800/DM9101 Lampstand Conference students must register with BTS and the Lampstand Conference (205-776-5399).
  3. BC7630 Marriage & Family and BC7617 Biblical Counseling & the Law have BC7501 Introduction to Biblical Counseling as a prerequisite.
  4. ST3550 Bible Interpretation has PT5521 Introduction to Theological Studies as a prerequisite.
  5. Logos training seminar you must have Logos already downloaded to your computer.
  6. Writing seminars are scheduled for 2/18, 3/18, and 4/22 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM in the Briarwood library.

Video Conference

Classes meet Central Standard Time Zone

PT5621 VCConflict Resolution in the ChurchDr. Lombo SimbaMON5:30-7:30 PMV/C
PT5733 VCLeadership Development & DeploymentDr. Scott MeyerMON5:30-7:30 PMV/C
NT2033 VCNew Testament III (Non-Pauline Epistles)Dr. Johnathan HarrisMON9:30-11:00 AMV/C
BC7630 VCMarriage & Family CounselingDr. Howard EyrichTUE5:30 -7:30 PMV/C
NT2012 VCBeginning Greek IIDr. Pat SandersTUE5:30-7:30 PMV/C
ST3526 VCSystematic Theology I (Study of God)Dr. Jay HaleyTUE5:30-7:30 PMV/C
OT1512 VCBeginning Hebrew IIDr. Jud DavisTUE5:30-7:30 PMV/C
ST3529 VCSystematic Theology IV (Soteriology/Pneumatology)Dr. Jay HaleyTUE7:30-9:30 PMV/C
BC7617 VCBiblical Counseling & the Law (1)Dr. Howard EyrichTUE7:30-9:30 PMV/C
NT2015 VCBiblical Greek Exegesis 2 (2)Dr. Matt AernieTHU11:00 AM-1:00PMV/C
PT5521 VCIntroduction to Theological StudiesDr. Pat SandersTHU5:30-7:30 PMV/C
OT1021 VCOld Testament II (Historical Books & Prophets)Prof. Kuna GriggsTHU5:30-7:30 PMV/C
ST3550 VCBible Interpretation (3)Dr. Thad James, Jr.THU7:30-9:30 PMV/C

* Old Testament I-III and Systematic I-VI do not have to be taken in any particular order.

  1. BC7630 Marriage & Family and BC7617 Biblical Counseling & the Law have BC7501 Introduction to Biblical Counseling as a prerequisite.
  2. NT2015 Biblical Greek Exegesis 2 has Greeks 1-4 as prerequisites.
  3. ST3550 Bible Interpretation has prerequisite class: PT5521 Intro to Theological Studies.

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Ministry classes meet via video conference.

DM9102Counseling Methodologies for the Pastor/Curing of SoulsDr.Eyrich & Dr. BlackmonMON5:30-8:30 PMV/C
DM2201Philosophical Theology & Reformed DogmaticsDr. David FilsonMON5:30-8:30 PMV/C
DM1112Biblical Counseling & Human Physiology/PsychopathologyDr. Jeff ForreyMON5:30-8:30 PMV/C
DM9101The Lampstand ConferenceDr. Harry Reeder IIIJan. 13-15 Fellowship

Dothan Learning Center

Dothan Community Church: 4390 Westgate Pkwy 36303

OT1022 Old Testament II (Historical Books & Prophets)Dr. Charles LewisTHU5:30-7:30 PMDCC

Huntsville Learning Center

The Village Church: 2103 Virginia Blvd NW 35811

Learning Center Coordinator Rev. Jacob Hale (

AP8525Apologetics & the BibleDr. Blair WaddellTHU6:00-8:00 PM 

Montgomery Learning Center

Young Meadows Presbyterian Church: 5780 Vaughn Rd.

Learning Center Coordinator Rev. Reed DePace (

NT2023 New Testament II  (Pauline Epistles)Dr. Thad James Jr./Mr. Ike ReederMON6:00-8:00 PM

Tuscaloosa Learning Center

Riverwood Presbyterian Church 501 Rice Valley Rd N. 35406

Learning Center Coordinator: Rev. Derrick Brite (

PT5733Leadership Development & DeploymentDr. Josh Carmichael &  Rev. P. SandersTHU6:00-8:00 PMRPC

Plant City, FL Cohort

Reformation Church: 2207 Mud Lake Rd, Plant City, FL 33566
HT8791Reformed ConfessionsDr. Eric AyalaTUE7:00-9:00 PMRC

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