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SUMMER SEMESTER May 26th-August 14th

Drop/Add Period Ends June 11th

No Official Summer Break week

BIRMINGHAM CAMPUS: Briarwood Presbyterian Church

WM3505 Contemporary Issues in Worship(1)Dr. John HainesMay 7-9See #1 belowA201V/C
ST3531ST3531 Systematic Theology V (Ecclesiology)*Dr. Harry ReederMay14-16See #1 belowA201V/C
BC7509Counseling Theory 2&3Dr. Howard EyrichSat8:00-10:00amV/CV/C
AP8505Introduction to Philo. & Critical Thinking Dr. Minish/Mr. RobbinsJun 11-13See #1 belowA201V/C
ST3529Systematic Theology IV(Soteriology) *Mr. Cooper PinsonJuly 9-11See #1 belowA201V/C
PT5626Ministry to Children Youth FamiliesDr. Rick MortonJun 25-27See #1 belowA209V/C
HT8791Creeds & CouncilsDr. Maples/Dr. HaleyJuly 16-18See #1 belowA201V/C
OT1526Old Testament History Theology 4Dr. Richard PrattAug 3-4Mo/Tu 8-5A201V/C
PT8791Advanced Pastoral Studies 4Dr. Harry ReederAug.13-15See #1 belowA201V/C
OT1023Old Testament III
(Poetry & Wisdom) *
Rev. Kuna GriggsMon6:00-8:00amA201V/C
DM9105DM9105 Personal Leadership DevelopmentDr. Thad James Jr.Mon5:30-8:30pmV/CV/C
OT1563OT1563 Advanced Hebrew – HorsleyMr. Bruce HorsleyMon5:30-7:30PMA202V/C
BC7668 Crisis CounselingDr. L. Dozier/Dr. C. PeedMon5:30-7:30PMA209V/C
MS6658MS6658 Cross Cultural Communication – JamesDr. Thad James Jr. Tue5:30-7:30pmA201V/C
OT1563OT1563 Advanced Hebrew III – StroupMr. Bill StroupWed6:00-8:00AMA201V/C
OT1023Old Testament III *Dr. Frank BarkerWed5:30-7:30PMA201 
PT5524Ministry of the Word IIRev. Jackie GastonSat 10:00-12:00pm   

1. The schedule for Intensive classes is Thurs. 1:00pm-8:00pm, Friday 8:00am-5:00pm and Sat. 8:00am -2:00pm Please read your course syllabus carefully for pre-reading assignments.

2. BC7501 Introduction to Biblical Counseling or BC7502 & BC7755 Counseling in the Local Church I & II are prerequisites for BC7509 AND BC7668.

3. BC7509 Counseling Theory class dates are May 23rd, June 27th and  and July 25th from 8:00am -10:00am.

4. OT1526 Old Testament History and Theology will include approximately 8 hours of pre-class ThirdMill video content  in preparation for the 3 day intensive (updated to add August 2). 

5. PT5524 will be held by video conference. The Learning Center Coordinator, Rob Nelson can be contacted at 703-909-6667 or 

* Old Testament I-III and Systematic I-VI do not have to be taken in any particular order.

There will be not be any classes held in the extension campuses this Summer. Extension students are encouraged to take advantage of the live video classes.

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